Why should we learn Visualising shapes?

Why should we learn Visualising shapest

The popular Marvel comics like – Spiderman, Ironman and Avengers are converted into Animated cartoons. How do you think it was possible? You may also have seen in movies, an Artist drawing faces of Criminals for Crime Agencies. How an Artist can draw an unseen criminal? It’s all possible if u have the knowledge of shape and skill of Visualisation.

Why should we learn Visualising shapes

Visualising shapes help us to improve our complex thinking abilities and perspective of surroundings. Good visualisation ability can find better solutions to the problems we encounter. For example, In case of knowing dinosaur’s size, visualisation and 3D shape knowledge helped us to estimate the size of unseen and extinct animal.

How do we even read?
We recognise shapes to read and write in shapes which help us to communicate. Researchers also suggest that, skill of visualisation and knowledge of shapes enables us to use two sides of the brain for creative solutions, where in general anyone side of the brain is dominant. Having strong knowledge of shapes and visualisation skills can help us to choose among different interesting careers, like – Architecture, Engineering, Art, Graphic Designing, Virtual Reality and GPS/GIS navigation system.

Why should we learn Visualising shapes1

As the skill of visualisation and knowledge of shapes is used vastly in our daily life, learning them without misconceptions is desirable. As the basics of the shapes and visualisation are more complex, the efforts to understand them and chances of presence of misconceptions also increase. To ease the learning efforts we can use learning materials like – Models, charts, different visual aids.

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