Why learn ‘India – Rivers, Major Mountain Ranges’?

Today humans have reached the Moon, to Mars and are exploring deep space. But there was a time when humans used to spend their lives for Hunting and Gathering food, but when humans discovered agriculture they began settling down along the banks of the rivers.

Some of the greatest ancient civilizations have flourished on the river banks because rivers are the sources for freshwater and irrigation. They also provide transportation, our important energy sources and during the early industrial era mills, shops, and factories were built near fast-flowing rivers where water could be used to power machines. Today steep rivers are still used to power hydroelectric plants and their water turbines.

Now, where do rivers come from? They originate from hills and mountain ranges, other than acting as sources of rivers, various mountain ranges help humans in many ways. The young Himalayas protect us from North Wind, which can bring Extreme Cold climates in India. The Western and Eastern Ghats are the sources for a variety of Plant and medicinal Species and it keeps whole South India cool. Due to their height, mountains are also a reason for rainfall as they stop moving clouds.

The knowledge of India’s geographical features gives an understanding of the country or the area the child lives in. The learners also will know the drainage system of all rivers in the country and how well they are protected from the mountain ranges around the country. As there are many rivers and mountain ranges in the country, learning them without learning aids like – Models and Visuals may lead to confusion and only storage of information without understanding them through their own experience.

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