Why learn about ‘Minerals and Rocks’?

Why do we buy medicines when we fall ill? What helps trees to grow big? Why do we prefer granite and marble to build houses? Because when we fall ill nutrients inside our body decrease and to balance it we need to take medicinal supplements that are made of minerals. The minerals in the soil help to grow trees or any plant; the food we eat is also grown by adding sufficient minerals. Rock types of Granite and Slate are hard enough to hold the pressure or weights of the building materials. The rocks and minerals are very important for the whole earth as they play an important role in the formation of the earth and its surface.

Minerals and rocks form soil by breaking down into pieces and imagine this earth without soil!! We have evolved from normal breakable or scratchable mobile screen glass to unscratchable or unbreakable gorilla glasses, how? It was possible when we found new minerals or combining two new minerals to make harder screen glasses. How do we know the age of the earth? How did we conclude that Dinosaur was living on earth and gone extinct? It’s possible when we examine Rocks, because of the same age as the earth, rocks carry stories in them. The rocks and minerals are the sources that help humans to stay healthy, get advanced and know about the history of the earth.

So knowing minerals and rocks is advantageous for us as they are the sources why we live long and know our histories. A lesson of this much importance must not be learned plain because the understanding of the content may be confusing as there are many kinds of minerals and rocks. Using learning kits helps us to estimate the hardness, colour and other properties of minerals and rocks by which knowledge of using those in life may be deepened.

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