Why conservation of wildlife is important?

Why conservation of wildlife is important-t
Why conservation of wildlife is important3

Why do we have multi-floor buildings? Because, the multi-floor buildings help us to conserve scarce land area for the generations to come, otherwise we all may experience lifelong conflicts for land area. You may have heard news of animal attacks in villages and Elephants invading farms; why animals are entering into villages and farms? Because we are not conserving wildlife and their habitats; instead we cut-off trees and make buildings, construct Dams; and roads for transportation, this leads to loss of habitat or home for species of plants or animals. Now imagine, your family lost your house for road widening, where will you go? To your grandparents or relative’s house right? Do you think animals have relatives? Now we can understand the logic that why animals enter into villages and farms.

Other than this humans also Hunt and Smuggle animals and plant species, like – Rhinos, Tigers; Elephants, Sandalwood; and Teakwood for their parts, which are valuable in the black market. Hunting and Poaching of animals for human greed leads to the extinction of animal and plant species, which again leads to the imbalance of natural systems like – food chain break, overpopulation of specific species; food shortage and conflicts between living things.

Take the example of the Tiger population depletion, how it affect humans? Tigers are the top or apex of the food chain, which controls the population of other wild animals and helps to maintain the whole ecosystem – which is home to diverse living things. Imagine the rapid increase in the population of Deer, Wild pig; and Antelope without Tigers which leads to the extinction of other smaller wildlife. The depletion of plant species and other leads to desertification of fertile lands, climate changes; and global warming and it goes on like chain of disasters for humans and to the whole planet too.

Why conservation of wildlife is important1

After realizing the importance of the Tiger population, the world and Indian governments have launched programs like – Project Tiger for protecting Bengal Tigers and The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for protecting Tigers worldwide. Under these projects, they conserve wildlife in National parks like Sunderbans national park in West Bengal, Sanctuaries like Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary of Kerala, etc. Understanding the importance of wildlife and its protection needs deeper understanding and analysis of causes and solutions for wildlife conservation, using models, visual aids and other hands-on learning materials may give us a better understanding.

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