What it takes to become a good science teacher


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Teaching requires more than just caring about students and knowing one’s subject well. Teachers need to know what motivates students, how to diagnose their strengths and weaknesses, and how to create environments in which they can learn.

Good science teaching is not just about communicating facts. In order to teach well, science teachers should find their subject matter interesting. In addition to knowing the content of science well, teachers need to have a proper understanding of the nature and history of science. Good science teaching requires that science teachers not only be able to solve textbook problems, but be good experimentalists as well.

The teacher has to have the ability to make connections and excite students, be able to go deeper, be flexible and explain why something is important. The teacher should use labs to help the students to better understand the material and get more involved.

Butterfly Fields is with you in your endeavour to be a good science teacher. Our science kits and material will enable you to reach the next level in your ability to make science fun and interesting to learn for your students.

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