SPQ3R: A Study Technique

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Since this is the exam season, you could introduce your students to a study technique, namely, SP3QR. What it stands for is Survey, Predict, Question, Read, Recite and Review.

The first step of SPQ3R is survey. It means you skim the chapter and observe the headings and sub-headings, take a look at the figures, and make a mental note of the overall layout. Make a mental note of the words in bold or italics. This allows you to get an overall picture and what the author considers as important.

The second step is predict. Here you imagine, in other words predict, what the chapter will be about, based on the survey you just did.

The third step is question. Here you jot down any questions that may have occurred to you after you did the survey.

Next, you read. With the above framework in mind, you read for deeper understanding, starting from the beginning of the chapter. Keep your questions and predictions in mind.

Under recite, when you reach the end of a particular passage or section of the chapter, you quiz yourself on the questions you have jotted down. Do you know the material well enough to answer the questions? It is a good idea to read and answer aloud to yourself.

For best results, the last step of SPQ4R, that is, review, should take place a day after the other above steps have been completed. Go back to review your questions and see if you can answer them all easily. If not, repeat the steps of SPQ3R. 

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