How to introduce Visualising Solid shapes?

You would have heard about Statue of Unity, the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, which was in news, in the recent past for being the world’s tallest statue. 

The statue from its base is about 240ms, imagine that’s 1/4th of a kilometre and that’s how high it was!!

It took about 250 Engineers over 3000 workers to build that statue. That statue took over 5 years of design thinking of planning of construction on the field. 

It required 6500 Tonnes of steel and almost 18500 Tonnes of reinforced steel. We are talking of almost 2.1lakh m3 of cement, now that’s a huge project!! 

This is almost 3 times as big as the Statue of Liberty; you would wonder how do they construct these large projects? Of course, it all starts with the paper and then the prototype.

This now renowned guy Ram Sutar’s idea which was selected, he visualised it on a paper then a prototype which was – 3ft tall statue was made, then an 18 ft tall statue and then the 30ft statue. They wanted to get proportions right? And once it was all approved, the design for the real statue began. 

You would wonder and the truth is the ability to visualise is the key to create those wonders. My dear friends, Visualising solid shapes, is to help you get those wings to create wonders for your future.

Check our hands-on learning activity video glimpses to know more about the ‘Visualising solid Shapes’ and for many more interesting activities.

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