How to introduce ‘Transportation – Modes, Pollution, Fuel’ in an interesting way?

How to introduce ‘Transportation – Modes, Pollution, Fuel’ in an interesting way

Today we are travelling in space and reached the Moon and Mars, how do you think our forefathers travelled from one place to another or from one country to another? Why do we need vehicles? Why did we invent Aeroplanes and Trains? Our forefathers had to walk from one place to another place and used animals and other time taking modes for transportation.These time-consuming modes were inappropriate for modern needs; then they discovered coal and petroleum which lead to the invention of vehicles.

How can we reach Singapore from India in 4 Hrs today? Why do we have Railway tracks in India? When the fuel for the vehicles was available we needed fast means of transportation for services like Industrial material transportation and emergency services like health urgency and police patrolling to control crimes, etc. Why do we have many cars and other private vehicles to travel to? Why your father/mother owns a car or bike? Railways and Aeroplanes were invented to reduce time-consuming journeys. The aeroplane is the present fastest way of travelling which costs more but saves time while travelling to international or domestic places. The railways in India are the cheapest and largest employer means of transportation for goods as well as for human needs.

When the number of private vehicles increased; the problems also increased, like – Fuel shortage, traffic jams and pollution. Pollution is the main concern today as the popular cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc are polluted. Why should we take care of pollution? How does pollution occur? Pollution occurs due to the overuse of fuel vehicles like cars, bikes, buses and rail engines. Pollution may cause diseases like skin problems and lung diseases. If the pollution continues at the same pace, the generations to come may be born with diseases and the lifespan may also reduce as it is already reduced from 100 Years to 80-60 Years.

How can we reduce pollution? Instead of using a car to reach school; you can use Cycle or Bus which cause less pollution and beneficial for health. Reducing the use of private vehicles and increasing use of public modes of transportation will reduce pollution drastically. To know about the modes of transportation, causes and problems of pollution and traffic jams, we can use models of roads, planning charts for reduction of pollution and miniatures of fast travelling vehicles to understand their essence better.

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