How to introduce ‘Road Signs’ in an interesting way?

We love our lives and are ready to save our lives as far it takes. We have many securities, policies and laws to protect our life but we still cannot solve some silly but life taking serious problems like road accidents, suicides and social crimes which can be solved by taking.

  • Minimal care – Road repairs at proper intervals, Distress camps and hiplines for victims.
  • Strict Safety rules – Imposing heavy fines for violation of traffic, Severe and meaningful punishment to the crime convicts.
  • Policies – Insurance, compulsory education and training of road safety, Stress and mental management awareness.
  • Proper awareness and Counselling of convicts –Holdings, Posters and advertisements of the importance of road safety, mental health and overall betterment.
  • We must use our common sense to avoid these kinds of problems. – Stop jumping signals for your urgencies etc.

Today road accidents are among most trending global problems. Partial and ineffective care to eliminate these problems has already been taken but the sound awareness about the same is not been properly created and maybe ill mindsets and carelessness of people due to lose laws or authorities of road maintenance may have lead to increase in the road accidents. One among road safety care is the implementation of ‘Road Signs’.

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What are Road Signs?
When you step out of your house you see many boards, signs and other safety and informing holdings, posters, banners etc.

  • Did you ever observe some signboards beside a road and at some road junctions?
  • Why those signs are showcased alongside a road?
  • How do they help us to solve our problem?

If your school is beside a road you may have noticed a triangle cautionary board of ‘School ahead’ or ‘School’ at your school premises with a sign of two children running. In the same way, when you observe more roads you may find many boards with a variety of symbols. 

They are showcased along the road to provide information about the road and services provided along with that road like – hospital, phone booth etc, road’s condition and other precautionary and mandatory information for the road user. These signs help us to prevent road tragedies. 

They represent rules that are in place to keep us safe and help to communicate messages to drivers and pedestrians that can maintain order and reduce accidents. Neglecting them can be dangerous but it is what we do depend upon our needs and absence of mind.

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Types of signs and their use
While observing signboards you may have seen colours and shapes used to make boards –

  • Do all signboards have the same size and shape?
  • Why did they use different shapes and colours on the signboard?

The signboards are made using different colours and shape to categorise the information they provide in the following manner –
1. Circular shaped signs –

These are mandatory road signs which are used to set the obligations of all traffic which use a specific area of the road. Mandatory signs tell traffic what it must do, rather than must not do. Example – No U-turn, One way, No entry signboards etc
2. Triangle shaped signs –

These are cautionary Road Signs which are like advisory without any obligation on road users to take some action. These signs warn road users about something or road condition that they need to be aware of for safe travel. Example – Road humps, left and right curve, school ahead signboards etc.
3. Rectangle-shaped signs –
These are the informatory signs are meant to provide information on direction, destination, roadside facilities, etc. to the road user. Following informative road signs helps a driver in saving time, reaching a destination without wandering around.

Example – Signboards of Hospital facility along the road, public telephone booth, resting place etc.

  • Did you find any single sign board which has more than one sign to denote?
    The STOP sign board alone has the double sign denotation. It was designed in both circular and octagon shape to inform drivers about stop signal from both ends – From front and back.

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>Traffic signals are also road signs which help to ensure an orderly flow of traffic provides an opportunity for pedestrians or vehicles to cross an intersection and help reduce the number of conflicts between vehicles entering intersections from different directions. It consists of three varieties of lights, they are –

  • Red light – Stop and Wait for the signal
  • Yellow light – Ready to Stop or Go signal[ Caution to look and move before a Stop(Red) or Go (Green) signal appears]
  • Greenlight – Go signal

You may have observed many traffic lights being placed vertically but there are some countries which place traffic lights horizontally –

  • Why do you think traffic lights are installed in both vertical and horizontal way?

The vertical installations of traffic lights were done to accommodate the problem of driver’s colour blindness where it makes easy to recognize order of traffic movement when the lights are glowing orderly. The horizontal instalment of traffic lights made them fall proof for strong winds, hurricanes and sometimes for the aesthetic purposes we install horizontal traffic lights.
Use Signs at Home to give information
You may be taught not to wastewater and to be careful on a slippery floor or aware of a dog at home. Imagine that your parents have organised a party at your home and the guests who come to party need information about the Washrooms, condition of the floors and other related information about your home surroundings

  • How will you provide your home facility information to the guests?
  • How will you make information easy to understand even by illiterates at your party?

This can be made easy by using signs to denote facilities and information provided at and around your house. For example, to tell to be cautious of your home’s slippery toilet or bathroom floor you can use slipping sign on a triangle-shaped board. If it’s mandatory to not to wastewater you can keep a circular board with crossing a running water tap symbol and to give info about toilets, shops and their directions using Signs of Left, Right, Straight and other directions using signboards at or towards respective locations

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Today’s overwhelming traffic and its fatal consequences are due to our inability to understand or follow traffic rules. Giving better education about safety road signs and other traffic safety may help to reduce traffic-related problems.

Learning sings and their meaning may help us to use those signs to denote facilities and conditions of our home and surroundings to friends or guests who visit home. Studying them with suitable educational STEM learning Models, Toys, Visuals and Charts may help us to understand them better in a fun and easy understanding way.
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