How to introduce ‘Geometry – Lines and Angles’ in an interesting way?

  • Why do chairs and tables won’t fall?
  • Why there are many types of ladders like Orchard, Platform and Safety ladders?
  • Why don’t we construct buildings at a 45˚ angle from its base? How does a Carpenter can create a comfortable Recliner chair? 

These are made perfectly using the knowledge of the properties of angles and lines. Without the knowledge of the properties of angles and lines, we may never be as advanced as now.

Imagine Eiffel tower with its 324ms height, how is it able to stand alone? Because of the suitable angles and lines property used to construct it. The base of the Eiffel tower is broader than the tip of it which gives it the ability to standalone. 

The constructors (Engineers), Architects and Land surveyors need the knowledge of Geometric  properties of lines and angles to complete their tasks successfully. 

Athletes also use angles to increase their performance. An Athlete has to know his/her suitable launch angle to beat his fellow performers in the competition. 

Many sports need our knowledge of Lines and Angles to be in the action, like – Football and Cricket, etc.

Without our consciousness the use of properties of lines and angles is very vast and is used in completing our daily life tasks too. Learning them provides support to our unconscious knowledge of lines and angles. To learn them better we can use different kinds of teaching and learning materials like charts, models, and other hands-on learning materials.

Check our hands-on learning activity video glimpses to know more about the ‘Geometry – Lines and Angles’ and for many more interesting activities.

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