How do we communicate?

How do We Communicate2

Imagine yourself lost in the jungle while you were trekking. How do you try to rejoin your trekking group? Well, you can rejoin your group by screaming or you can set fire to give your location through smoke, as in the past smoke was used to notify dangers and events to others who lived in far places in the forest.

Why do mute people communicate with signs? Why do we talk? We do all these things to express our feelings and convey what’s in our minds. The need for communication is realized when there is something worth sharing. Why do we enjoy painting and drawing? Because it’s in our instincts, as our ancestors used to communicate with each other with the help of Art and Pictures.

Communication also helps us to carry over our Practices, Beliefs and Moral values to the next generations through written texts and Oral/Spoken stories, which are Verbal means of communication. The non-verbal communications like – Body language, Gestures, and Drawings also help us to communicate.

As present-day people enjoy most advanced, secure and faster services like – Audio & Video Calls, Emails, WhatsApp and other fast internet services which help us to communicate within seconds, How did people in the early days could wait weeks and months for a postcard? How difficult and secure was it to communicate through Telegram? To get better answers to these questions and to understand the rapid evolution of communication we can use models, postcards and charts which give us hands-on experience.

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